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Clearon Bleach Tablets

Concentrated multipurpose effervescent bleach tablets are convenient, quick dissolving and easy to use.

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Clearon Chlorine Bleach Tablets Concentrated for whitening and cleaning power.

Clearon Bleach Tablets – The Premium Bleach Tablet with our Exclusive Effervescent Formula – not only save much needed space in the laundry area, but you’ll NEVER drag heavy bleach bottles around again.

5.64 oz. VS 16.6 lbs.

32 tablets per bottle vs 2 gallons of liquid bleach

  • New effective effervescent formula, convenient, easy to use.
  • Quick dissolving without leaving granular residue.
  • Stays concentrated for longer shelf life vs liquid bleach.
  • Completely splash-less, no mess!

Just add 1 tablet for all your laundry and cleaning needs!

For HE and all standard machines

Directions for use
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